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Founded in 2017 and based in Sultanate of Oman. SwiftBeam is a fast-growing company with a mission to provide professional telecommunications, information technology, digitalization and analytics services in the industry. Over our dedicated engineering resources and over 17 years’ experience, we are proud to work together with our clients to deliver key ICT projects in Oman and the Philippines. Our main objective is to offer a centric quality products & services to ICT, digitalization and analytics sector. By 2021, SwiftBeam family has expanded globally and opened a new branch in Philippines called ‘’PhiltexT’’ as an ICT consultancy and rollout firm.

Our Mission:

We Capitalize Technology For Human Life

Our Vision:

Simplicity Through Innovation

Beyond Innovation

Telecom Services

FTTx Strategic Planning

We work to align your commercial deployment plans with the fit-to-purpose technical solutions by standardizing network topology, capacity planning and implementing the right deployment best practices.

FTTx Planning

Prior to the huge FTTx deployment investment we help to investigate the viability of the business case by conducting high level capacity planning that priorities rollout plans and concrete your decisions. Once confirmed, we produce comprehensive work packages includes low level designs, optimization reports, straight line diagrams, detailed GIS/CAD route diagrams to assure smooth network deployment.

Field Investigation

Our technical expertise committed to deliver physical field survey to assure FTTx deployment is smoothly implemented with zero-variations.

As-built Documentation

Maintaining accurate asset inventory is very crucial to assure network availability and requires in-depth knowhow when it comes to document any network from both asset type and location. our team, has successfully delivered comprehensive FTTx network as-built digitalization and recoding.

GIS System Setup and Maintenance

Through a well-built Geographic Information System (GIS), business will be able to identify actionable insights from location data, map layers and 3D modelling. Proudly, our engineers are capable in consulting and GIS software development services covering accurate positioning and spatial data management to identify geographical patterns which is only appearing in GIS mapping solution.

Network Audit

Having accurate inventory records is key factor for network expansion and seamless service delivery. our experience team provide a network integrity reports and audits for both validation and migration purposes.

Digital and Analytics Services

Through professional development and community outreach, we are advancing the use of data to better understanding and enhancing the digital world. Yet, we are not like others, we create, innovate and build our own product that will align to the market demand. Our goal is to keep improving our digital offering as we do business in a world where disruptive technological development is constant.


The amount of data is gathered every day for every establishment is huge this data can be utilized to understand unseen behaviors/patterns of current procedures or consumer behavior. SwiftBeam value its clients with data analytics and visualization to understand the patterns where those patterns will be used again to predict and forecast the future needs via model building.


Digital transformation is key enabler now for most economies in the world, we humbly provide both off-the-shelf software and bespoke applications tailored to customer needs with consideration of future requirements.

Our Products

Fulfilling regulatory QoS and QoE compliance is complex activity. Netics (derivative of Network-Analytics) is a QoS and QoE solution consists of mobile App and analytics dashboard. The App enables to collect QoS and QoE tests as per ITU standards. At the other end, the platform visualizes QoS and QoE compliance which enable for insightful decision making.

The severity of the COVID-19 pandemic has left huge impact on people lives. From workplace, socializing, studying and so more, Individual’s attitude has changed. Slot is a reservation App which align with different purpose of use; for work, Slot utilizes spaces next to your door step like coffee as a flexible, scalable and affordable work space. For social, Slot guarantees a selective space size at your convenient time and location to assure you spend great moments with your souls. For startups, slot enable you start your business next to your clients from day one with zero-office-Capex, it gives you a value to focus on building your business without setup overheads.




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Office 103, October Building , Al Khoud Souq P.O.Box 2366 , PC: 132 , Al Khoud , Sultanate of Oman

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SwiftBeam prides to empower its employees by providing a favorable working atmosphere and establishing a clear vision and goals in order to build a well-established team that align to company’s mission .
We do believe that knowledge exchange leads to empowerment.

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